A quick reference of some types of sanitary connections found in the industry are illustrated below. There are also John Perry and Q-Line connections; see online catalog for additional information.

Clamp Connection Bevel Seat Connection
Clamp Connection Bevel Seat Connection
I-Line Connection Buttweld Connection
I-Line Connection Buttweld Connection

NOTE: Clamp type connections are the most popular and are sometimes referred to as Tri-Clamp connections.

All connections are Tube OD ½" to 12"

Materials are available in 304 and 316L stainless steel, (other alloys can be special order)

Tube Hanger

Tube Hanger Support Recommendations:
Processing lines are not to be rigidly anchored to equipment. They must be allowed to float. Temperatures can cause expansion and contraction - if tube hanger supports are mounted incorrectly, distortion and possibly leakage of the lines could occur.

Proper Tube Hanger Support Installation:
Straight sections of tube need support every 10 feet. Support needs to be on each side of every valve (as close as possible to the connection). Additionally, a support needs to be at each change of direction.

What the part numbers mean...

2 Elbow (unpolished, polished, clamp, 90, 45, u-bend etc...)
7 Tee (unpolished, polished, clamp, reducing etc...)
9 Cross (unpolished, polished clamp, reducing, etc...)
10 Diaphragm valve *
11 Plug Valve *
13 Clamp (single pin, double pin, 3 segment, bolted, I-line, light weight, etc...)
14 ferrule (short, long, auto weld, tank, roll on, hose adapter, also male for I-line and plain for bevel seat)
15 ferrule (bevel seat threaded or I-line female)
16 End Cap (clamp, weld, I-line, bevel, etc...)
17 Adapter (bevel to clamp, I-line to clamp etc...)
19 Adapter (tube OD to NPT)
21 Male adapter (clamp to MPT)
22 Female adapter (clamp to FPT)
23 Thermometer cap (bevel, clamp, etc...)
24 Hanger (hex, round, etc..)
25 Wall Flange
28 Y or Lateral (unpolished, polished, clamp, reducing etc...)
31 Concentric Reducer (unpolished, polished, clamp, etc...)
32 Eccentric Reducer (unpolished, polished, clamp, etc...)
38 Flange
40 Gasket (1" and above)
42 Gasket (1/2" and 3/4")
45 Check Valve (spring, ball, air blow)
51 Butterfly Valve
60 Compression Valve *


  • * Dixon Sanitary does not offer at this time
  • MP in a part number usually means a clamp fitting
  • W in part number usually indicates a weld part
  • I in a part number usually indicates I-Line fitting
  • Bevel seat is tricky...consult literature and cross reference sheet



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