Coupling Procedures

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1000: Boss™ Clamp Selection

1001: Pre-Formed Band Clamp Selection

1002: Brass Reusable Fitting Selection

1003: King Safety Cable ™ Selection

1100: General Preparation Instructions

1101: How to Use a Dixon® Diameter Tape

1102: "Clamp-It" Band and Buckle Preparation

1103: Set-Up 5111A/1765A Crimping Machine


2000: Boss™ 2 Bolt Clamps

2001: Boss™ 4 Bolt Clamps

2002: Boss™ 6 Bolt Clamps

2003: 750 and 850 Boss™ Clamps with 755 and 850A "Piggyback Clamps"

2004: B49 Boss™ 6 Bolt Clamp Using B49-2 "Piggyback" Clamp

2100: Pre-Formed Band Clamp Using Pneumatic Roll-Over Tool

2101: Pre-Formed Band Clamp Using Punch Style Tool

2102: Pre-Formed Band Clamps Using Punch Style Tool and Air King™ Hose Shank Couplings

2103: Pre-Formed Band Clamps Using Screw-Action Tool with Roll-Over Tool Attachment

2104: "Clamp-It" Band and Buckle Installation Using Screw Action Tool

2200: Strap Grip Clamps

2201: Double Bolt Clamps (with saddles)

2203: Pinch-On Clamps


3000: Criteria for a Sufficient Fit of a Boss™ Clamp

3001: Bolt Clamp Inspection

3002: Band Clamp Inspection

3003: Used Cam & Groove

3004: Inspection and Maintenance of Food Grade Internal Expansion Plugs

3005: General Assembly Inspection

3006: Inspection of Dixon EZLink™ Armless Cam and Groove Couplings

3100: Cam Arm Replacement Boss-Lock™ Cam and Groove Couplers

3101: EZLink™ Tab Replacement for 2", 3" ad 4" EZLink™ Cam and Groove Couplers


4000: General Hydrostatic Testing Information

4001: Hydrostatic Test Procedure

4002: Test Pressures & Procedures for Cam & Groove Couplings

4100: General Electrical Continuity Testing Information


2300: King Safety Cable™ Safety Cable

2301: Dixon® Menders

2303: MIL H 29210C Steam Hose Assembly

2304: Brass Stems and Ferrules Using 5111A & 1765A Tools

2305: Brass Reusable Fittings

2306: Crimping Unirange, Air King™, Dix-Lock™, and Dual-Lock Couplings

2307: Air King™ Crimp with Light Duty Ferrules

2308: Connecting Vent-Lock™ Safety Cam and Groove Couplings

2309: Connecting EZLink™ Armless Cam and Groove Couplings

2400: King Crimp™ with Sleeves

2401: King Crimp™ with Ferrules

2402: Cam and Groove Coupling to Adapter

2403: Assembling Cam & Groove Flange Adapters