Fluidizer Kit

Fluidizer Kit

Part Number 111131
Description 3-port assembly
Used on Aluminum Trailers
Maximum Temperature 350°F (177°C)
Weight Lb 1.4250


  • Designed to provide the optimum amount of air volume needed for efficient pneumatic unloading of bulk trailers, allowing more airflow, less back pressure and higher unloading rates.


  • Seals completely to hopper or wear plate to stop the back flow of product into the aeration lines, even when flood loading.
  • If used to haul abrasive products like sand or cement use hopper savers to protect from wear on the aluminum hopper.


  • Durable, food grade silicone resists hardening, cracking or tearing
  • Robust design does not have snap retention legs that can break off or flimsy disks that crack and wear prematurely.


  • Blue silicone disk
  • Grey stem hopper saver
  • Blue silicone manifold gasket
  • 3-port grey manifold
  • Tee handle

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