Angle Valve for Chlorine Railcars

Angle Valve for Chlorine Railcars

Part Number 305009-100
Size 1"
Optional Pkg/Box Qty 1


  • Chlorine railcars, other railcar applications


  • AAR Approval E079015
  • Chlorine Institute member
  • Listed in Chlorine Institute Pamphlet 166, Angle Valve Guidelines for Chlorine Bulk Transportation


  • Integral body / outlet flange reduces potential leak paths
  • Industry standard handwheel design fits pneumatic actuators
  • Soft seat damage prevented by a torque limited breakaway handwheel assembly
  • Bellows stem seal design requires minimal maintenance and eliminates the need to monitor valve packing for leaks
  • No maintenance needed on triple sealed stem. Three stem seals include the bellows, secondary packing, and an integral backseat for added safety.
  • Threaded seat insert stays in place when removing valve.
  • Valve is compatible with CI Emergency Kit "C"
  • Emergency Kit "C" socket can be used to close valve
  • Red indicator makes identifying valve stem position easy
  • Designed for field repairability
  • Five year bellows warranty


  • Bellows: two-ply Hastelloy C276
  • Packing secondary Chevron type PTFE

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