Compression Straight Through Tank

Compression Straight Through Tank

Part Number 682C-0302
Material Brass
Thread Pipe x Straight
Thread Size 1/8" x 3/8"-24
Tube Size 3/16"
Hex 7/16"
Length 1.06"
Working Pressure 400 PSI
Temperature Range -65°F to +250°F (-54°C to +121°C)
Weight Lb 0.0315


  • Use with copper, aluminum and thermoplastic tubing.
  • Manufactured for low and medium pressure tubing connection work where excessive vibration or tube movement is not involved.


  • Underwriter's Laboratories listed for flammable liquid
  • SAE J-512
  • ASA


  • No flaring, soldering or other preparation of tubing necessary to assemble
  • Slide nut, then sleeve onto tubing. The thread end of the nut must face out.
  • Insert tube into the fitting. Be sure the tube is bottomed on the fitting shoulder.
  • Assemble nut to body, and tighten hand-tight. Then follow the number of appropriate wrench turns for the given size.


  • Temperature and type of tubing used are important factors in working pressure ranges. Pressure rating given at 73°F (23°C). For thermoplastic tubing, see manufacturers recommendation for pressure range.
  • Temperature ranges are given for use with soft metal tubing. For thermoplastic tubing, see manufacturers recommendation for tubing temperature range.

Safety notes

  • Not recommended for steel tubing
  • Not recommended for applications using gaseous media.
  • WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-


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