Relief Valve Testing Equipment Portable

Relief Valve Testing Equipment Portable

Part Number DB9001
Material Steel
Weight Lb 0.0100


  • Allows fleets to properly and safely test air relief valves.
  • In order to properly test air relief valves, enough air volume (SCFM) needs to be available directly to the air relief valve, or early blow offs will be falsely observed. The air relief starts to open slightly before the set pressure, and if there is not enough air volume to fully open the valve the tester may mistakenly take this to be an early blow off.


  • Simple, low cost unit is designed to use air supply from a truck-mounted or stationary blower to test air relief valves.
  • Unit can be assembled to test male or female threaded air relief valves
  • Can be assembled to test valve in vertical or horizontal position


  • Locking cam and groove couplers ensure safe operation
  • Modular design can be assembled / disassembled quickly
  • Liquid filled, highly accurate stainless steel gauge included


  • Mainly steel construction

Safety notes

  • The portable air relief tester is for use on a blower only, not for use on an air compressor.
  • WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-


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