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Part NumberDescriptionMaterialSizeThread
A210PZH120A210 Pezio horn 24VDC
A100STSelf test fitting, 316 stainless steel, 3/4" NPT316 Stainless Steel3/4" NPT
A100DAOpen dome adapter 1/2" NPT
A100DBOpen dome adapter 3/4" NPT
A100TTATank truck 3" wash-out adapter, 1/2" NPT3"
A100TTBTank truck 3" wash-out adapter, 3/4" NPT3"
A200SATank truck washout cap with swivel316 Stainless Steel3"
A200SVAWashout cap with swivel and 2" vent316 Stainless Steel3"
A210CR-3Cable junction box 3-pin
A210CR-5Cable junction box 5-pin
A100CA10501" cam and groove coupler and 1/2" NPT bushing, stainless steel316 Stainless Steel
A100CA1050V1" cam and groove coupler with 1/2" NPT bushing and 1" NPT vent tee, stainless steel
A100SG-POLYA100 / 200 splash guard, with 1 1/8" diameter poly
A100LTLocating tab for A100 / 200 probes
A100MTRReplacement A100 monitor only
A210PZH-24A210 Pezio horn 24VDC
A100CBLMTRCable to monitor adapter
A210-120TCTri color external signal light
A210-24TCTri color external signal light 24V DCPolycarbonate housing