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Part NumberDescriptionMaterialColor
FT607Thermistor 20' straight replacement cord (8) pin
FT606Thermistor 30' coiled replacement cord (8) pin
10285-002Connector used in FT600P, J560 13pinGlass filled plasticYellow
FT624Replacement 20' orange straight cord, Optic 6 conductor
FT601Replacement thermistor plug assembly, 8 pin 2 J slot (US)
FT623Grounded optic rack plug hanger assembly
FT604Replacement 20' straight cord
FT601-10Replacement thermistor plug assembly, 10 pin 4 J slot (Canada)
FT601-4Replacement green plug assembly with 8 contact pins and 4 J slots
FT603Grounded thermistor rack plug hanger assembly
FT602API Thermistor, replacement 30' coiled cable
FT622API Optic, replacement 30' coiled cable
FT621Replacement optic plug assembly, 6 pin 3 J slot (US)