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Part NumberDescriptionUsed on
5354K18FKM-GFLT replaceable nose seal kit_x000D_ with optional PTFE U seal5400G
5354K14Buna replaceable nose seal kit with optional PTFE U seal5400 API coupler
5354K2Buna shaft seal kit with optional PTFE U seal5300 & 5400 API couplers
5354K20Repair kit5300BC
5354K22conversion kit for crude 5300, 5400- GFLT seals
5354K9FKM-B bonded nose seal kit5300B API coupler
112164PTFE U-Seal to suit Poppet O Ring (optional)5300/5400 series API couplers
112163PTFE U-Seal to suit Shaft Bearing Seal (optional) 5300/5400 series API couplers
112162PTFE U-Seal to suit Shaft Seal (optional) 5300/5400 series API couplers
112240Latch5300 & 5400 API couplers
5354K19Valve assembly repair kit5300, 5300B, 5300G, 5400, 5400B & 5400G API couplers
5354K7Buna bonded nose seal kit5300 API coupler
5354K25Aluminum handle kit replacement
5354K23Poppet Assembly replacement kit5300, 5300BC, 5300BCL
5354K1Buna shaft seal kit5300 & 5400 API couplers
5354K26Stainless steel handle kit replacement
5354K15FKM-B replaceable nose seal kit5400B API coupler
5354K3FKM-B shaft seal kit5300B & 5400B API couplers
5354K12FKM-GFLT bonded nose seal kit with optional PTFE U seal5300G API coupler
5354K11FKM-GFLT bonded nose seal kit5300G API coupler
5354K27super pack API coupler repair kit
5354K13Buna replaceable nose seal kit5400 API coupler
5354K4FKM-B shaft seal kit with optional PTFE U seal5300B & 5400B API couplers
5354K5FKM-GFLT shaft seal kit5300G & 5400G API couplers
5354K17FKM-GFLT replaceable nose seal kit 5400G