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Part NumberMaterialColorSize
250-G-TFPTFE (TFE) with Buna-N FillerWhite / Black2-1/2" (65mm)
100-G-TFPTFE (TFE) with Buna-N FillerWhite / Black1" (25mm)
300GTFVIPTFE (TFE) with FKM-A FillerWhite / Black3" (75mm)
125GTFVIPTFE (TFE) with FKM-A FillerWhite / Black1-1/4" (32mm)
125-G-TFPTFE (TFE) with Buna-N FillerWhite / Black1-1/4" (32mm)
250GTFVIPTFE (TFE) with FKM-A FillerWhite / Black2-1/2" (65mm)
400GTFVIPTFE (TFE) with FKM-A FillerWhite / Black4" (100mm)
300-G-TFPTFE (TFE) with Buna-N FillerWhite / Black3" (75mm)
600GTFVIPTFE (TFE) with FKM-A FillerWhite / Black6" (150mm)
200GTFVIPTFE (TFE) with FKM-A FillerWhite / Black2" (50mm)
400GTFWBPTFE (TFE) with White Buna-N FillerWhite / White4" (100mm)
300GTFWBPTFE (TFE) with White Buna-N FillerWhite / White3" (75mm)
200GTFEPPTFE (TFE) with Ethylene Propylene FillerWhite / Black2" (50mm)
500GTFWBPTFE (TFE) with White Buna-N FillerWhite / White5" (125mm)
75-G-TF-VIPTFE (TFE) with FKM-A FillerWhite / Black3/4" (20mm)
300GTFEPPTFE (TFE) with Ethylene Propylene FillerWhite / Black3" (75mm)
150GTFVIPTFE (TFE) with FKM-A FillerWhite / Black1-1/2" (40mm)
150-G-TFPTFE (TFE) with Buna-N FillerWhite / Black1-1/2" (40mm)
100GTFVIPTFE (TFE) with FKM-A FillerWhite / Black1" (25mm)
50-G-TF-VIPTFE (TFE) with FKM-A FillerWhite / Black1/2" (15mm)
600-G-TFPTFE (TFE) with Buna-N FillerWhite / Black6" (150mm)
75-G-TFPTFE (TFE) with Buna-N FillerWhite / Black3/4" (20mm)
400-G-TFPTFE (TFE) with Buna-N FillerWhite / Black4" (100mm)
200GTFWBPTFE (TFE) with White Buna-N FillerWhite / White2" (50mm)
200-G-TFPTFE (TFE) with Buna-N FillerWhite / Black2" (50mm)
50-G-TFPTFE (TFE) with Buna-N FillerWhite / Black1/2" (15mm)
150GTFEPPTFE (TFE) with Ethylene Propylene FillerWhite / Black1-1/2" (40mm)