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Part NumberMaterialSize
42MP-GR50PTFE with FKM Filler1/2"
40MP-GR300PTFE with FKM Filler3"
40MP-GR100PTFE with FKM Filler1"
42MP-GR75PTFE with FKM Filler3/4"
40MP-GRE200PTFE with EPDM Filler2"
42MP-GRE50PTFE with EPDM Filler1/2"
40MP-GR800PTFE with FKM Filler8"
40MP-GR200PTFE with FKM Filler2"
40MP-GRE150PTFE with EPDM Filler1-1/2"
40MP-GRE400PTFE with EPDM Filler4"
40MP-GR400PTFE with FKM Filler4"
40MP-GR600PTFE with FKM Filler6"
40MP-GRE600PTFE with EPDM Filler6"
40MP-GRE250PTFE with EPDM Filler2-1/2"
42MP-GRE75PTFE with EPDM Filler3/4"
40MP-GR250PTFE with FKM Filler2-1/2"
40MP-GRE100PTFE with EPDM Filler1"
40MP-GRE300PTFE with EPDM Filler3"
40MP-GR150PTFE with FKM Filler1-1/2"