hose shank and check valve swivels replacement seal kit

Product Information

  • Includes: 1- Rotary Seal (P80), 1- Seal Cup (P80A), 1- Seal O-ring (P80B), 1- Seal Spring (P80C), 1- Seal Seat (P80N), 1- Outboard Gasket (P90), 1- Inboard Gasket (P80R), 1- Impeller O-ring (X8A), 1- Casing/Cover O-ring (X9A)

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Part NumberUsed onMaterialElastomer
PRK-EXD120VSS-1ExD 120 and ExD 130SC/SCFKM
PRK-EXD100VSS-1ExD 100 and ExD 110SC/SCFKM
PRK-EXD100ESS-1ExD 100 and ExD 110SC/SCEPDM
PRK-EXD120BSC-1ExD 120 and ExD 130SC/CarbonBuna
PRK-EXD100BSC-1ExD 100 and ExD 110SC/CarbonBuna
PRK-EXD120BSS-1ExD 120 and ExD 130SC/SCBuna
PRK-EXD100ESC-1ExD 100 and ExD 110SC/CarbonEPDM
PRK-EXD100BSS-1ExD 100 and ExD 110SC/SCBuna
PRK-EXD100VTC-1ExD 100 and ExD 110TC/TCFKM
PRK-EXD100VSC-1ExD 100 and ExD 110SC/CarbonFKM
PRK-EXD100VCC-1ExD 100 and ExD 110Ceramic/CarbonFKM
PRK-EXD100BTC-1ExD 100 and ExD 110TC/TCBuna
PRK-EXD120BCC-1ExD 120 and ExD 130Ceramic/CarbonBuna
PRK-EXD100ECC-1ExD 100 and ExD 110Ceramic/CarbonEPDM
PRK-EXD100BCC-1ExD 100 and ExD 110Ceramic/CarbonBuna
PRK-EXD120ESC-1ExD 120 and ExD 130SC/CarbonEPDM
PRK-EXD120ESS-1ExD 120 and ExD 130SC/SCEPDM
PRK-EXD120ECC-1ExD 120 and ExD 130Ceramic/CarbonEPDM
PRK-EXD100ETC-1ExD 100 and ExD 110TC/TCEPDM
PRK-EXD120VTC-1ExD 120 and ExD 130TC/TCFKM
PRK-EXD120VSC-1ExD 120 and ExD 130SC/CarbonFKM
PRK-EXD120ETC-1ExD 120 and ExD 130TC/TCEPDM
PRK-EXD120VCC-1ExD 120 and ExD 130Ceramic/CarbonFKM
PRK-EXD120BTC-1ExD 120 and ExD 130TC/TCBuna