Product Information

  • Width: 1/4"
  • Thickness: .030"

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Part NumberMaterialNominal SizeRange
256Zinc Plated Steel1".898" to 1.008"
271Zinc Plated Steel1-1/16".945" to 1.067"
286Zinc Plated Steel1-1/8"1.004" to 1.126"
346Zinc Plated Steel1-3/8"1.240" to 1.362"
396Zinc Plated Steel1-9/16"1.437" to 1.559"
410Zinc Plated Steel1-5/8"1.492" to 1.614"
425Zinc Plated Steel1-11/16"1.551" to 1.673"
440Zinc Plated Steel1-23/32"1.610" to 1.732"
455Zinc Plated Steel1-3/4"1.669" to 1.791"
470Zinc Plated Steel1-13/16"1.728" to 1.850"
500Zinc Plated Steel1-15/16"1.847" to 1.969"
105R304 Stainless Steel3/8".350" to.413"
113R304 Stainless Steel7/16".382" to.445"
123R304 Stainless Steel15/32".409" to.484"
140R304 Stainless Steel35/64".469" to.551"
145R304 Stainless Steel9/16".496" to.571"
170R304 Stainless Steel11/16".595" to.669"
185R304 Stainless Steel23/32".618" to.728"
198R304 Stainless Steel3/4".669" to.780"
210R304 Stainless Steel13/16".717" to.827"
226R304 Stainless Steel7/8".780" to.890"
241R304 Stainless Steel15/16".839" to.949"
256R304 Stainless Steel1".898" to 1.008"
271R304 Stainless Steel1-1/16".945" to 1.067"
286R304 Stainless Steel1-1/8"1.004" to 1.126"
301R304 Stainless Steel1-3/16"1.063" to 1.185"
346R304 Stainless Steel1-3/8"1.240" to 1.362"
396R304 Stainless Steel1-9/16"1.437" to 1.559"
410R304 Stainless Steel1-5/8"1.492" to 1.614"
425R304 Stainless Steel1-11/16"1.551" to 1.673"
440R304 Stainless Steel1-23/32"1.610" to 1.732"
455R304 Stainless Steel1-3/4"1.669" to 1.791"
470R304 Stainless Steel1-13/16"1.728" to 1.850"
485R304 Stainless Steel1-7/8"1.787" to 1.909"
105Zinc Plated Steel3/8".350" to.413"
301Zinc Plated Steel1-3/16"1.063" to 1.185"
133R304 Stainless Steel1/2".449" to.524"
157R304 Stainless Steel5/8".543" to.618"
485Zinc Plated Steel1-7/8"1.787" to 1.909"
515Zinc Plated Steel2"1.906" to 2.028"
376Zinc Plated Steel1-15/32"1.358" to 1.480"
331R304 Stainless Steel1-5/16"1.181" to 1.303"
241Zinc Plated Steel15/16".839" to.949"
376R304 Stainless Steel1-15/32"1.358" to 1.480"
331Zinc Plated Steel1-5/16"1.181" to 1.303"
500R304 Stainless Steel1-15/16"1.847" to 1.969"
133Zinc Plated Steel1/2".449" to.524"
145Zinc Plated Steel9/16".496" to.571"
515R304 Stainless Steel2"1.906" to 2.028"
198Zinc Plated Steel3/4".669" to.780"
210Zinc Plated Steel13/16".717" to.827"
123Zinc Plated Steel15/32".409" to.484"
140Zinc Plated Steel35/64".469" to.551"
170Zinc Plated Steel11/16".595" to.669"
226Zinc Plated Steel7/8".780" to.890"
113Zinc Plated Steel7/16".382" to.445"
157Zinc Plated Steel5/8".543" to.618"
185Zinc Plated Steel23/32".618" to.728"