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Part NumberDescriptionMaterialSize
BS-31-R250-300End cap with handle316L stainless steel3"
BS-411-R100-200Stand off tube 316L stainless steel1-1/2" and 2"
BS-32-R100-200Strainer spring316L stainless steel1"- 2"
BS-36-R200Strainer body316L stainless steel2"
BS-09-U100-200Retaining ring used with filter bags- short / longBuna1"- 2"
BS-32-R250-300Strainer spring316L stainless steel3"
BS-412-R100-200Retainer ring PTFE1-1/2" and 2"
BS-31-R100-200End cap with handle316L stainless steel1"- 2"
BS-412-R250-300Retainer ring PTFE3"
BS-35-R100-200Distributor cap 316L stainless steel1-1/2"
BS-36-R150Strainer body316L stainless steel1-1/2"
BS-35-R250-300Distributor cap 316L stainless steel3"
BS-411-R250-300Stand off tube 316L stainless steel3"
BS-09-U250-300Retaining ring used with filter bags- short / longBuna2-1/2"- 3"