Product Information

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Fuel Compatability: Gasoline and diesel, up to E100 and B20 biofuels

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Part NumberStyleInletOutletHeight
6400XTall Height4" Adapter Fuel3" Adapter Vapor26-3/4"
6400FNPTStandard Height4" Coupler Fuel3" male NPT vapor23-3/4"
6400FStandard Height4" Coupler Fuel3" Adapter Vapor23-3/4"
6400Standard Height4" Adapter Fuel3" Adapter Vapor23-3/4"
6430FStandard Height3" Coupler Fuel3" Adapter Vapor23-3/4"
6430XFTall Height3" Coupler Fuel3" Adapter Vapor26-3/4"
6430XTall Height3" Adapter Fuel3" Adapter Vapor26-3/4"
6400XFTall Height4" Coupler Fuel3" Adapter Vapor26-3/4"
6430Standard Height3" Adapter Fuel3" Adapter Vapor23-3/4"
6400XFNPTTall Height4" Coupler Fuel3" male NPT vapor26-3/4"