Pull/Axial Force testing is conducted with no internal pressure on the sample. The setup pulls the sample along the centerline of the hose assembly using specially designed caps with eye bolts. The sample is pulled until failure occurs, then the load is stored and compared to the theoretical failure force based on the theoretical burst pressure failure as seen during Hydrostatic Testing. If you are looking for a specified load as opposed to matching the theoretical burst pressure failure, the load can be set to override the comparison to the theoretical failure force.  If testing involves specific standards or specifications as per the test request a copy of the said document will be required to conduct testing.

• Maximum load capacity: 50,000 lbs
• Hose sample size: 1’-2’ free hose length (length of hose between fittings)
• Fixtures: NPT threaded caps with eye bolts
• Additional fixtures can be manufactured as needed
• PLC controlled variable input and operation
• Complete test packet is available at the conclusion of testing