Steam tests are run for the singular purpose of certifying a hose with our Crimp Boss steam fittings. All hoses need to be verified and approved through a group of select individuals before pursuing the hose as an option for our fittings. The testing process consists of samples experiencing steam exposure for an extended period with daily breaks and to assess the samples ability to hold pressure afterward. Parameters of the test can be adjusted for specific standards per the request, provided the changes remain within the specifications of the equipment. If we are to follow a specific standard or specification as per the testing request a copy of the said document will be required to conduct testing.

• Maximum pressure: approximately 200 PSI
• Maximum temperature: approximately 390°F (199°C)
• Standard test parameters: 23.5 hours @ steam, 0.5 hours @ rest, 720 hours @ steam (total)
• Follow up hydrostatic test done to assess the pressure retainability of hose samples
• Complete test packet is available at the conclusion of testing