Dixon products are tested to ensure high-quality and exceptional performance. We conduct our testing at the Dixon Innovation Center, a specially designed environment that promotes safety and provides an accurate representation of real-world applications. Our testing services provide you:
• Quality assurance during the manufacture of products
• Verification of appropriate products based on industry applications
• Certification of hose and fitting combinations
• Root cause analysis and failure solutions
• Proof of concepts in prototype testing

Each testing request receives our full attention to detail ensuring you receive accurate information. To achieve this, we complete the following:
• Provide a clear definition of specifications to be followed, and request scope
• Execution of testing agreed upon between Dixon personnel and the customer submitting the request prior to the start of testing
• Full interpretation and failure analysis of results
• Closing discussion with the customer, verifying the request has been completed to the satisfaction of request scope

We offer the following testing services:
Heat/Elevated Temperature
Pull/Axial Force
Air/Gas Under Water
Environmental Chamber

If you are interested in a testing service not listed please send an email to engineering@dixonvalve.com.